Get Comfortable With Allagash and Creature Comforts.

Get Comfortable from Creature Comforts & Allagash Photo: Creature Comforts Brewing Co.

Some collaborations are good and some are great. This one is off the charts. Creature Comforts Brewing out of Athens, GA has become a well respected brewery in the state and regionally. They are creative, quality driven and, best of all, community driven. Allagash, well everyone knows Allagash is a nationally respected brewery. This brewery does not put out bad beer. Now we get a collaboration between the two that has tremendous potential, with the anticipated release of Get Comfortable, a (6.6% ABV) Belgian style IPA. This best part of this unique partnership is how it will benefit local communities.

Started in 2015, Creature Comforts created the Get Comfortable campaign as a way to “make serving simple: to align the business community to support the agencies doing the most to meet our city’s greatest needs”. The year around campaign aims to raise money through beer and merchandise sales that will benefit local community outreach programs. The 2019 campaign featured a collaboration with Russian River Brewing Co. of Santa Clara, CA and raised over $350,000 that was shared among nine local community partners. The 2020 campaign will benefit the following partners: Acceptance Recovery Center, Advantage Behavioral Health, Athens Area Homeless Shelter, Athens Community Council on Aging, Brightpaths, East Athens Development Council, Mercy Health Center, Our Daily Bread, and Western Judical Circuit Treatment & Accountability Council.

This is an awesome collaboration between two community minded breweries who are known for producing quality beers. I can’t wait to get my hands on some Get Comfortable Belgian Style IPA.

Get Comfortable from Creature Comforts and Allagash will feature Topaz and Comet hops. The gain bill will be sourced from suppliers in both breweries’ local communities. It debuts on February 5th locally and hits distribution shortly there after. Be sure to grab some.

Thanks for reading and until next time… Let Us Drink Beer.

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