Arches Brewing Lloyd’s Light

Lloyd’s Light Lager | ABV 3.8%

BJCP Style: American Light Lager Style: American Lager Sensory Style: Crisp & Clean

Hops: Magnum, Hallertauer Hersbrucker, Callista

Malts: Pilsner, Two Row Pale, Flake Corn

Brewery: Arches Brewing Co.

City: Hapeville, GA

Arches Brewing Lloyd’s Light Photo: Let Us Drink Beer Blog

(A quick note on Sensory Style: A recent, very thought provoking article from (It’s Time to Rethink How We Talk About Craft Beer Basics) by Mirella Amato introduced the idea that separating beers into Ale or Lager categories really doesn’t help newer craft beer consumers determine what beers they may or may not like to try. Sensory Style is actually more informative. I tend to agree with this, so I have introduced’s Sensory Style categories, in addition to beer style, to help someone reading my reviews get quicker understanding of the overall experience they should expect from the beer. Sensory Style is divided into six broad categories: Sour/Tart/Funky, Crisp/Clean, Dark/Roasty, Malty/Sweet, Hoppy/Bitter and Fruity/Spicy. If you would like to explore these more on your on, you’ll find them here: Beer Styles. Go ahead and explore, you’ll find they work quite well.)

Appearance: Clear straw gold, fluffy white head with moderate retention.

Aroma: Delicate floral and spicy hops, grainy and bready malt

Flavor & Aftertaste: Medium sweetness. Low spicy, grainy and bready notes. Restrained bitterness.

Palate: Medium bodied, moderate carbonation. Short, crisp and clean finish.

Remember those Miller Lite commercials from the 70’s and 80’s? John Madden, Bubba Smith, Bob Uecker, Rodney Dangerfield and a host of other athletes and entertainers. You know – “Tastes great! Less filling!” I wasn’t old enough to drink back then, but I remember them like they were yesterday and they invoke a certain nostalgia in me. When I did become of age, I tried a number of beers but eventually landed on Miller Lite as my go to beer. While I didn’t care about the Less Filling part, it did taste good and the price point was good for my small beer budget. Fast forward a few years later and I discovered the wonderful world of craft beer, after trying Anchor Steam and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale on a business trip. Who knew beer could be so aromatic and flavorful. Suddenly Miller Lite just didn’t cut it much anymore. Like many craft beer enthusiasts, I’ve been on a journey to discover new styles and breweries ever since. Even though I enjoy a variety of beer styles now, there are still many times when I just want something lighter and low in ABV. For the longest time, it was difficult to find something flavorful and satisfying that fit that niche. However, over the last few years, craft beer breweries have dipped into the world of pale lager styles and they are bringing some great offerings to the table. For this post, I will be reviewing one of the best American Lager offerings available in Georgia: Arches Brewing Lloyd’s Light.

Arches Brewing Lloyd’s Light Photo: Let Us Drink Beer Blog

Big Beer has given American Lager a bit of a reputation for bland beer. Professional brewers will tell you that these beers are actually very technically sound and not that easy to make. Make no mistake, they are still very popular, providing the overwhelming bulk of the beer sold in America. They are made to be crisp, clean and extremely drinkable. Perfect for cooling off on hot, humid summer afternoons at the pool, beach or after working in the yard all day. But why do they have to be so boring? Arches Brewing in Atlanta proves American Lager can be refreshing and not be bland.

Lloyd’s Light looks like your ordinary American Light Lager. It’s a light straw gold color with an initial frothy white head, but exhibits better head retention than most. The first thing you note about it is its delicate, but noticeable bouquet of floral aromas. If you were do a blind tasting with other American Light Lagers with it, you could pretty easily pick it out of the bunch. It has a fairly sweet malt backbone, but not cloyingly so. Flavors are mostly subtle spicy hops and bready malt with a barely noticeable bitterness. The body of the beer actually feels medium, it will not strike you as a thin American style light beer. Finishing as expected, it has a short, crisp and clean finish; leaving you ready for your next beer. It’s a very easy drinker and surprisingly satisfying for a lighter beer.

This beer was rated an 89 (Very Good – A brew to savor) by Beer Connoisseur Magazine. Drinking it is all about expectations and enjoyment. It was brewed to be a simple, clean refreshing drinking beer. As we leave April behind and move into May, we’ll all be attending more outdoor gatherings. If you really want to impress your beer drinking friends that are not that into craft beer, bring a few six packs of Arches Brewing’s Lloyd’s Light to share at your next cookout or pool party. I am sure they will enjoy it and you may even win a few converts. It’s readily available at many bottle shops and grocery stores in the Atlanta metro area. Or you can buy direct from the brewery in Hapeville.

Thanks for reading, until next time…Let Us Drink Beer!

Remember, always drink responsibly!

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