Notch Brewing’s Chris Lohring

The Craft Beer Channel’s Jonny Garrett interviews Notch Brewing’s Chris Lohring about American Craft Lager. Chris is always an interesting interview.

Interview with Notch Brewing’s Chris Lohring, courtesy of The Craft Beer Channel

Georgia’s Top Czech Style Pilsners
  1. Arches Bohemian Riot
  2. Sweetwater Kick Plastic
  3. Variant Hand Hug
  4. Terrapin Beer Co. Sound Czech
  5. Best End Slabtown Pils
Georgia’s Top German Helles Style Lagers
  1. Line Creek Maverick
  2. Akademia Tell Them To Go To Helles
  3. Tucker Lager
  4. NoFo Brew Co Summit Skies
  5. Fannin Brewing Blue Ridge Lager
Georgia’s Top German Style pilsners
  1. Tucker Brewing TKR Pilsner
  2. Creature Comforts Bibo
  3. New Realm Euphonia
  4. Reformation Humble Pils
  5. Atlanta Brewing Co. Homestand

LUDB Georgia’s Best Beers

  1. Arches Mexican Empire Vienna Lager
  2. Creature Comforts Tropicalia IPA
  3. Arches Southside Lager Amber Lager
  4. Line Creek Maverick Lager (Helles)
  5. Creature Comforts Reclaimed Rye (Amber Ale)
  6. Gate City Terminus Baltic Porter
  7. Tucker Dunkel Weisse
  8. SweetWater IPA
  9. Creature Comforts Bibo Pilsner
  10. Reformation Declaration Stout
  11. Variant Canton Street IPA
  12. Tucker TKR Pilsner
  13. Arches Mystik Bock
  14. Pretoria Fields Walkers Station Stout
  15. Reformation Haddy Belgian White
  16. New Realm Hoptropolis IPA
  17. Creature Comforts Koko Buni Porter
  18. Arches Five Week Sail Baltic Porter
  19. Reformation Stark Porter
  20. Tucker Brewing Maibock

Vienna Lager

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