Welcome to Let Us Drink Beer!

I have been fortunate to live during the golden age of the craft beer revolution. According to the Brewers Association there were 8 craft breweries in the United States in 1980 and 537 in 1994. Today there are over 6,000; with the quality of the beer being produced by craft breweries being exponentially better. That said, with so much choice, it can be overwhelming to sort out what is what.

Beer Reviews

My beer reviews are intended to help beer enthusiasts easily determine if they would want to try a particular beer. Most beer consumers are looking for three main types of information: how bitter is the taste, what is the alcohol content, and are there any interesting or distinguishing characteristics. Instead of a traditional numbered rating system, I chose to focus on those three areas. Frankly, most rating systems are not helpful because they still boil down to a rater’s opinion and bias is inherently difficult to keep out. You’ll still get an opinion from me, but I will do my best to eliminate my biases.

Focus on Georgia Breweries

The state of Georgia has been slow to embrace craft brewers and until 2017, state laws were quite restrictive. Now, Georgia’s craft beer industry in growing rapidly. One of my major focuses is on discovering and promoting the craft beer industry in Georgia. There are some fantastic breweries in this state and I want the world to know about them!

Odds and Ends

Additionally, I want to be informative to readers. You will see interviews with brew masters and founders that I find interesting and helpful. You will also find information on new releases, restaurants, pubs and brewery profiles.

I hope you find my blog informative and enjoyable.