Beer Review: Walker Station Stout (Pretoria Fields Collective)

As I tend to do after midnight when half-drunk, I love reading different beer blogs and reading different beer reviews, and seeing Let Us Drink Beer did a review on Pretoria Fields Collective’s Walker Station Stout, and knowing that I had done one for my own blog, I decided to throw this up there, for a comparison work. This comes from my blog back at The Beer Thrillers , I wrote it back in November (November 3rd actually) as part of my “30 days, 30 blogs”.

You can check out my review of it here: Beer Review: Walker Station Stout (Pretoria Fields Collective)
And you can check out Let Us Drink Beer’s review here: Pretoria Fields Walker Station Stout

With that said – onto the review:

I had received this can in a beer mail trade a few weeks ago.

Pretoria Fields Collective is a micro-brewery from Albany Georgia. You can check their Untappd page here: Pretoria Fields Collective. They have 79 unique beers with a global rating of 3.68 out of 9,257 ratings.

From the beer mail I received a nice collection of South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina beers. And I’m working my way through them, and I thought since the day was cold, it’d be nice to warm up with a delicious stout.

The back of the Walkers Station Stout can

Beer: Walkers Station Stout
Brewery: Pretoria Fields Collective
Style: Stout – American
ABV: 6.5%
IBU: None
Untappd Write-Up: (blank)

This was a perfect beer to enjoy on a cold, misty, ugly, Halloween Thursday afternoon waiting for the kiddos to get done from school and to inform them that no trick or treat was happening that day. (Don’t worry, we went to Pizza Boy where they absolutely had a blast – you can read about that in my St. Thomas review.)

After cracking it open and pouring her, which had a fantastic and wonderful amount of carbonation by the way, you are hit with the roasted malts. You get all kinds of notes of roasty and toasty malt action; caramel and chocolate a bit, some coffee, but you can tell you’re in for a nice bitter blended stout here just from first whiff.

Appearance is as per usual with stouts – dark black, with a very heavy dense foamy head to it. Its a creamy rich head, light brown, with lots of carbonation letting it retain for quite a while.

And taste is exactly what you expect from the appearance and aroma of this. You immediately get a deep, resonating heavy bitter, heavy roast, every toasted, malty stout. You get bitter, you get roasty, you get toasty, you get all that you expect from the dark malts and dark grains. Its got a heavy mouthfeel but not cloying or too thick, just enough to make it a good thick stout, not too thick that you are chewing it down.

My Rating: ***.75
Global Rating: 3.8 (as of 11.3.19)

I figured it would be an interesting companion piece for Let us Drink Beer’s review of the same beer. Always interesting to see two different people’s reviews of the same beer, and see how they compare and contrast.

For those of you who don’t know, I am B. Kline, and the lead writer for The Beer Thrillers, I have done one blog post so far for Let Us Drink Beer, and will be an on-going guest contributor for their blog here. Likewise they have written two blog entries so far at ours, and will be continuing to do so as well. “An exchange of information if you will”. It was early morning, I saw their review of this, and thought, why not throw this up on their blog for comparison sake. Their two reviews on our site are: Beer Review: Koki Buni (Creature Comforts) and Five Must See Breweries When Visiting Atlanta.

My first blog post on Let us Drink Beer can be found here: Breweries Near Hershey Pennsylvania. If you have any questions or comments, please get ahold of me either through the comments here, or through my blog’s contact page: The Beer Thrillers – Contact.

-B. Kline


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