Guest Blogger: The Beer Thrillers

I just wanted to take a minute to introduce our guest blogger B. Kline from The Beer Thrillers blog. The nice thing about the “craft beer community”, if you will, is that we share a common desire to interact with each other and share experiences and ideas. With that in mind, I welcomed the opportunity to have fellow bloggers share their perspective on their local craft beer scene.

The Beer Thrillers come to us from Central PA. Pennsylvania is a great state for craft beer. According to the Brewers Association, PA is ranked 6th overall in total number of craft breweries (354) and 2nd in economic impact ($6.3 million) of craft beer. By far the most interesting thing is, PA ranks No. 1 in total barrels of craft beer produced annually – over 3.7 million barrels per year. Naturally, this is a great state to receive an ongoing perspective on the craft beer scene and we are excited to have them providing guest blog posts from time to time. And we’ve agreed to do the same for them.

Be sure to check out The Beer Thrillers’ blog for beer reviews, news, and unique features.

Be on the look out for more future posts!

Thanks for reading and until next time… Let Us Drink Beer!

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