Southbound Brewing Co. Mountain Jam Southern Lager

Beer Stats

  • BJCP Style: International Pale Lager
  • ABV: 5.1%
  • IBU: 25
  • Hops Variety: Citra, Amarillo, Cascade
  • Malts: Unknown (typically 2 or 6 row barley and/or pilsner malt)
  • Brewery: Southbound Brewing Co.
  • City: Savannah, GA
  • Aroma: Citrus, floral and pine; grainy
  • Appearance: Pale straw yellow, slight haze, fluffy head – good retention
  • Flavor & Aftertaste: Low on malt sweetness with citrus and mild resinous flavor. Restrained bitterness
  • Palate: Semi-dry, light bodied with medium carbonation. Medium length finish with a touch of bitterness
  • Style Representation: Doesn’t fit BJCP Int’l Pale Lager parameters neatly because it is much more highly hopped than most and slightly hazy.

Think lager made in America is boring and flavorless? Craft beer is starting to make that stereotype a thing of the past. Take 2018 World Beer Championships Gold Medal winning Mountain Jam Southern Lager from Southbound Brewing Company in Savannah, GA. It looks a little suspicious at the initial pour – pale straw yellow and a little hazy. But right away you note the nice fluffy white head that sticks around. Put the glass up to your nose and you are greeted with a nice pleasant variety of citrus, floral and pine aromas. Next take a sip. Moderate carbonation tickles the tongue followed quickly by citrus-like flavors on a semi-dry malt backbone. It has a restrained bitterness mixed with a slight resinous tilt. Mountain Jam finishes dry, with a short to moderate length very mild bitterness that never builds to excess.

It’s a little hard to fit Mountain Jam into a BJCP style. It probably best fits in the International Pale Lager category; but those beers tend to be very clear and do not typically have citrus and pine aromas present. Never the less, this lager brewed in America is a great choice for the warmer months and fall tailgates. Brewers are utilizing late addition hops to beef up the flavors and aromas without causing overkill on the bitterness. Southbound uses a trio of hops, Citra, Amarillo, and Cascade, to keep this beer interesting. It’s a well crafted lager and I recommend it for your tailgate or picnic.

Thanks for reading. Until next time…Let Us Drink Beer!

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