Feedspot’s Top 100 Beer Blogs

Top 100 Beer Blogs & Websites Every Beer Drinker Must Follow in 2019

We didn’t make the Top 100; but we did debut at #137! If you’re like me, you enjoy reading about everything craft beer related. Feedspot has ranked some the top beer blogs from around the world wide web. Here are some of my personal favorites:


  1. Our blog – The Beer Thrillers – debuted at #137 also, our first week, and then second week we were #11 and we’ve been there since (over a month and a half now at #11). I’m not 100% certain how they prioritize the list, but it has some kind of algorithm. They now added where they show your Social Equation and Domain Authority as well. My Domain Authority is a 68.

    You can check out my blog as well at: https://thebeerthrillers.home.blog/

    I like yours, very nice. If you ever want to do some cross work, and guest write for us and we do the same for you, let me know!

    -B. Kline
    –The Beer Thrillers


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