SweetWater Costa Kick Plastic Pilsner

Beer Stats

SweetWater Costa Kick Plastic Pilsner
  • BJCP Style: Czech Pilsner
  • ABV: 5.3%
  • IBU: 39
  • Hops Variety: Saaz, Loral, Azacca
  • Malts: Pilsner, CaraPils, Vienna
  • Brewery: SweetWater Brewing Co.,
  • City: Atlanta, GA
  • Aroma: Spicy/Floral, Bready
  • Appearance: Clear Gold, Mousse-Like White Head, Excellent Head Retention
  • Flavor & Aftertaste: Herbal, Spicy, bready. Soft mouth-feel, restrained bitterness.
  • Palate: Medium Body, Soft, well rounded, lengthy finish. Low carbonation.
  • Style Representation: Style appropriate.

One of the fun parts of craft beer is finding a gem that seems to have been overlooked by everyone else. I recently was perusing my local Total Wine & More and spotted SweetWater Brewing Co. Costa Kick Plastic Pilsner. I’ve been on a bit of a Pilsner/Helles/Blonde Ale kick lately because it’s so hot and humid in Atlanta and those styles are the most drinkable and refreshing. So I decided to grab one and give it a test drive. SweetWater Brewing is such an under the radar screen brewery. It was started in 1997, making it the 2nd oldest in Georgia behind Atlanta Brewing Co. Surprisingly, it is the largest craft brewer in Georgia. They are best known for 420 Extra Pale Ale and SweetWater IPA (rated 87 by Beer Connoisseur). Yet, they really don’t garner a lot of publicity in the beer media. My expectations are always high for them when considering ale; but I have yet to try a Lager. Enter Costa Kick Plastic Pilsner.

SweetWater Costa Kick Plastic Pilsner back label

This Pilsner produces a magnificent mousse-like head when poured properly (don’t you dare iceman pour this beer!) which exhibits excellent retention. The color is a clear bright gold. The three hops varieties of Saaz, Loral, and Azacca give this Pilsner a fragrant nose of herbal, floral and spicy aromas. You also get a bit of bready malt, but the hops is dominant.

A definite thirst quencher, you’ll note complimentary herbal and spicy flavors supported by a grainy and bready, semi-sweet malt backbone. The grain bill carries the triple hops combination very well. The finish is medium length, soft and clean. Bitterness is restrained, but on par for the style.

I really enjoyed Costa Kick Plastic Pilsner. Taking into account its 5.3% ABV, it is an easy drinking Czech style Pilsner. The theme and intent of the beer is to support environmental conservation; but this Pilsner is so well-crafted I really believe SweetWater should add it to their year around line up. Currently, they have Guide Beer Lager, which is an American style Lager; but they really need a high quality Czech or German style Pilsner to appeal to craft beer enthusiasts who are getting weary of hop bomb IPA’s and are rediscovering the subtleties of Lagers. That would round out SweetWater’s year around offerings to include an excellent, high quality Lager.

Thanks for reading. Until next time…Let Us Drink Beer!

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