Six Bridges Shelby Golden Ale

Beer Stats

Six Bridges Brewing Shelby Golden Ale
  • BJCP Style: Blonde Ale
  • ABV: 4.8%
  • IBU: N/A
  • Hops Variety: N/A (Typically mild aroma hop like Williamette)
  • Malts: N/A (Typically Two Row Barley)
  • City: Johns Creek, GA (Atlanta Metro)
  • Aroma: Herbal/Fruity Esters/Hint of Melon
  • Appearance: Pale Gold, Slight Haze, Thin White Head with Short Retention
  • Flavor: Mild Herbal & Bready, Very Low Bitterness, Stray Tartness in Finish
  • Palate: Light Body, Soft, Short Finish
  • Style Representation: Appropriate – but tartness seemed a slight flaw

One of the newer entrants into the craft beer scene in Georgia is Six Bridges Brewing located in Johns Creek. They opened their doors officially in 2018 and have already begun to place product in distribution – quite impressive. Like many craft beer breweries, the father and son duo founders Charles and Clay Gridley took a love of homebrewing and a dream of a father-son brewery and turned it into reality. I recently sampled their Shelby Golden Ale.

Shelby Golden Ale is one of Six Bridges core offerings. It’s a light, smooth easy drinking ale ideal for Georgia’s hot humid summers. As is typical of many straight forward Blonde Ales, it has very subtle aromas and flavors. If you want something more expressive and/or higher in ABV, you’ll want to gravitate toward a Pale Ale or IPA and Six Bridges has plenty to offer in that style. This Blonde Ale has very light herbal and ester aromas. I barely picked up a melon-like note. The mouthfeel is soft and lightly carbonated and finishes short with a barely detectible bitterness. This particular sample had a faint tartness in it; which I attributed as a minor flaw, but could have been intentional. Regardless, Shelby is a good beer and a nice entry point for a non-beer drinking looking for something approachable.

Be sure to check out Six Bridges tap room and outdoor space if you are in the area. They typically have a dozen or so beers on tap at any one time, including some interesting IPA’s. I have not noted any Lagers on tap there yet; but that is not unusual for a new brewery not focused on those styles. This craft brewery is off to a good start.

Thanks for reading. Until next time…Let Us Drink Beer!

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