Arches Bohemian Riot Czech Pilsner

Beer Stats

Arches Brewing Bohemian Riot Czech Pilsner
  • BJCP Style: Czech Premium Pale Lager/ Bohemian Pilsner
  • ABV: 5.3%
  • IBU: 38
  • Hops Variety: Saaz
  • Malts: Pilsner
  • City: Hapeville, GA (Atlanta Metro)
  • Aroma: Herbal/Spicy/Bready
  • Appearance: Gold, Clear, Creamy White Head with Good Retention
  • Flavor: Bready, Spicy, Moderate Bitterness
  • Palate: Soft, Short Finish
  • Style Representation: Appropriate

For those not familiar with Arches Brewing Co., they are the flagship for Lager focused craft beers in Georgia (I would argue in the Southeast as well). Beer Connoisseur Magazine has blessed several of their core and seasonal beers with high ratings: Mexican Empire Vienna Lager (97), Southside Lager (96), Queen’s Weiss (90), Winter’s Night Munich Dunkel (90), Southern Bel’ (89), Mystik Bock (88) and Five Week Sail Baltic Porter (87).

Arches has been producing Bohemian Riot for the taproom for a couple of years, but now they about to release it in cans for taproom and distribution. It will not be surprise me at all if Beer Connoisseur bestows an 85 or higher rating on this offering as well. It checks off all the style box characteristics well. Clear, golden color with a frothy white head exhibiting good retention. A crisp and clean finish with a touch of bitterness, that does not linger long in the after taste, punctuates the short finish. Saaz hops provides the requisite spicy/herbal aroma and tastes carried by a sweet Czech malt backbone. I thoroughly enjoy the spicy characteristics the Noble hop varieties used in Bohemian and German style beers bring to the table.

July 5th is the planned release date for Bohemian Riot six packs of 12 oz. cans. Be sure to go by and pick some up or, even better, have one on draft and hang out at their tap room and beer garden.

Thanks for reading. Until next time...Let Us Drink Beer!

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