Gate City Terminus Baltic Porter

Gate City Terminus Baltic Porter
Gate City Terminus Baltic Porter



Beer Stats:

Packaging: 12 oz. can

BJCP Style: Baltic Porter

ABV: 7.8%

Hops Variety: Unknown (typically Continental/Saazer-type)

Malts Variety:  Unknown (typically Dark/Chocolate/Munich/Vienna type)

Brewery:  Gate City Brewery – Roswell, GA

Beer Connoisseur Rating:  None

LUDB Notes:

  • Bitterness Level: Restrained
  • Drinkability:
    • Would I purchase again? Yes
    • Would I stock it? Yes
  • Comments/Characteristics: Silky smooth, creamy Baltic Porter.


What is it about cold weather that brings out that craving for porters and stouts?  As the colder weather has finally arrived here in Atlanta, I find myself with a need for a hearty porter or stout.  Yes, it does get cold in Atlanta from December to February/March; but the good news is that it doesn’t stay cold for long stretches of time.  This second weekend of December, there are predictions of a mix of sleet and snow.  Typically, the mere mention of snow and sleet sends Atlantans scrambling to the grocery stores for staples (which is quite silly – like were going to be snowed in for days around here).  One especially peculiar thing is it also causes us to make a bee-line for the package store.  I am not surprised if many skip the bread and milk and go right for the vodka and bourbon! If you are potentially going to be snowed in for a few days, why not enjoy yourself, right?  For us beer enthusiasts, stouts and porters are high on the list of items desired.  With that in mind, I thought I would give Gate City Brewing’s Terminus Baltic Porter a look.

Situated in historic downtown Roswell, GA (about 35 minutes north of downtown Atlanta), you will find Gate City Brewing’s brewery/tap-room with over 15 house brewed beers on draft.  Co-founders Brian Borngesser and Pat Rains opened the 3,000 sq. ft. brewery and tap-room in 2015 and continue to grow at a steady pace.  While I can enjoy a pale ale or IPA as much as the next person, I am always on the lookout for breweries that can do porter an stout well.  Gate City Brewing is a great example.  Their Terminus Baltic Porter is absolutely solid.

Terminus pours out a deep, black with no haze and develops a tan, mousse-like head exhibiting great retention.  At initial sniff, you can immediately recognize the roasty, coffee aromas with hint of caramel and cocoa.  You can expect flavors of cocoa and roasted coffee to be present, as well as a hint of caramel.  Start to finish, the back bone of sweet malts is complemented well by a presence of bitter, but mild hops.  A creamy mouth feel finishes silky smooth with a tinge of bitterness that does not linger too long into the after taste.

Bottom line:  Gate City Brewing has produced a well crafted porter in their Terminus Baltic Porter.  For the upcoming Holiday season and cold winter months, Terminus is an excellent, hearty porter that will provide satisfaction on those nights when a lighter beer just won’t do.  Nice job Gate City Brewing!

Thank you for reading and until next time…Let Us Drink Beer!


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