Arches Brewing Southside Lager Grabs a 96 Rating from Beer Connoisseur

Arches Southside Lager
Arches Southside Lager

Beer Connoisseur recently released their November ratings, which included a review of Arches Brewing’s Southside Lager.  Their review confirmed what many of us in Atlanta already knew;  Arches Brewing  knows quality Lager beers.  Jim Koebel reviewed Southside as an International Amber Lager giving it a 96 rating.

Arches has developed a stellar reputation crafting high quality Lagers.  Their Mexican Empire Vienna Lager has been rated a 97 by Beer Connoisseur.  How do they do it?  As you would expect, they use quality ingredients and modern brewing techniques; what really sets them apart is a careful attention to water profiles of the region/style they are targeting.

Where as Terrapin, SweetWater and Atlanta Brewing Co. (formerly Red Brick) have garnered the most attention of breweries in Georgia; Arches Brewing has been a hidden gem.  I am glad to see these guys get some well deserved recognition.  For a link to the review, follow the below link.

Beer Connoisseur – Arches Southside LagerBeer Connoisseur – Arches Southside Lager

Arches Brewing Core Lineup
Arches Core Beer Lineup

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