25 Great Blogs and Websites for the Craft Beer Enthusiast

Isn’t this whole Covid19 situation surreal? A couple of months ago, who knew the entire world would be “sheltering in place” for weeks, maybe months? Since there are plenty of places to catch up on the latest virus news, I thought I would point you to some of the best places on the internet for craft beer education, news and opinon. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find more things to get your minds off your current troubles. Also, if you like a particular site, be sure to find their contact or comment page and tell them I sent you there.

Below are some of my personal favorites in no particular order:

*Source: Thanks to Feedspot.com Top 100 Beer Blogs & Websites for helping me find some of these great websites.

Feedspot.com has some cool lists to check out. This a great place to go to discover even more craft beer blogs. You’ll also find yours truly’s Let Us Drink Beer Blog sitting just outside the Top 100 at No. 109! We’ve moved up from No. 114 only a few weeks ago. Thanks!

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