Gifts For The Craft Beer Enthusiast In Your Life

Looking for a Christmas gift for the craft beer lover in your family? If you are starting to feel the pressure as Christmas sneaks up on you, let me lend you a hand. Here are some practical and unique gifts that are sure to be a hit with the craft beer enthusiast you are buying for this Christmas.

Hand Forged Bottle Openers From Evvy Functional Art (Rams Head Shown)

Looking for something a little different and unique. These high quality, hand forged iron bottle openers are just the ticket. This Rams Head bottle opener is available for $14.95. Comes in other shapes and styles.


Libby Assorted Craft Brew Glasses

Set of six includes: 15.25 oz. pilsner glass, 20 oz. Willi Becher pub glass, 16.6 oz. Belgian ale glass, 14.75-ounce porter/stout glass, 23-ounce wheat beer glass and 20-ounce craft pub glass. Available on Amazon for $39.99

Libby Willi Becher 20 oz. Pub Glass, Set of 4

This style glass has become a favor of mine. A very versatile glass that works well with almost any beer style. Specially designed to preserve a beer’s head and enhance the enjoyment of craft beer. Available on Amazon for $29.99.

Libby Classic 16 oz. Belgian Tulip Glass, Set of 4

Not just for Belgian beers, this tulip style glass is excellent for beer tasting and sampling. Available on Amazon for $23.99


The Beer Bible by Jeff Alworth

A comprehensive guide to craft beer in the United States and around the world. Want to know the difference in ale vs lager? It’s here. Curious about a beer representative of a certain style? Jeff got suggestions. From beginners to beer geeks, this book is the ultimate guide to all things craft beer. $19.85 on Amazon.

Tasting Beer by Randy Mosher

Learn to explore and appreciate the world of craft beer. Randy Mosher guides you through the many nuances of beer aroma and flavors. He demystifies brewing techniques and how ingredients are used to achieve certain beer styles. He even helps you with food and beer parings. An easy read, written for beginners and enthusiasts alike, you’ll approach beer with a completely different perspective after you read this standard for beer appreciation. Available on Amazon for $19.99.

A Brief History of Lager by Mark Dredge

Even though ale is much older, lager is the world’s most popular beer. In this book, Mark Dredge takes you a on a survey of the history of lager from its early beginnings, growing popularity, and ultimate position as the most widely consumed beer around the world. Available on Amazon at $19.99.


Traditional Munich Beer Stein

Very cool 1/2 Liter hand painted beer stein. Available at for $75

Military Beer Steins (U.S. Marine Corp shown)

These 1/2 Liter military beer steins are an excellent gift for the military veteran in your life. Available in all branches, various themes at for $59.95.

What gifts have you given the craft beer lover in your life?

Thanks for reading, until next time… Let Us Drink Beer!

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