Beer Release: Tucker Brewing Co. Sir Doppelbock

Tucker Brewing Sir Doppelbock Photo Courtesy Tucker Brewing Co.

Big bold German beers are great for the frigid winter months. Doppelbock is right at the top of the list. Two of the best known, world class representations of this style are Ayinger Celebrator 6.7% ABV and Paulaner Salvator 7.9% ABV. These beers are full bodied, come in dark or pale versions (Celebrator and Salvator are both dark versions) and are characterized by complex malt aromas and flavors. Nothing boring or flavorless about these lagers. American craft beer breweries are starting to catch on to what a rewarding style Doppelbock is to make. Tucker Brewing has just recently brought back their Sir Doppelbock 8.6% ABV. Currently available in the tap room only; hopefully, they will bottle some that as well.

Brewery Description:

Sir Doppelbock, 8.6% ABV, 21 IBU
“If this beer were a dinner jacket, it would be a waspy corduroy blazer equipped with elbow pads and large buttons. Let this beer warm up a tad to enjoy it’s big-body malt complexity. Though hops were used in this beer, this beer is all about the malt. Sweet malt like Caramel and Viennas were used in conjunction with a dark, bitter Carafa malts. Oats and biscuit malt were also incorporated in the mash to ensure a velvet smooth interaction of bitter and sweet. Enjoy the moderate warming bite Sir Doppelbock will also give you on a cold winter night! Rarrrrrrrrr….this beer has sharp teeth!”

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Please drink responsibly!

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