Exciting Additions Coming Soon!

Tucker Brewing Co. Tasting Room

There are a lot of things that are fun and interesting about the craft beer scene in the United States. There are so many new breweries popping up everywhere that it’s become impossible to keep track of all the new craft beers on the market today. Additionally, craft beer, in my opinion, is going to become even more localized in the future than it already is, as enthusiasts become more in tune with the breweries close by. They want to know more about their local breweries and support their local businesses. To that end, I’ve decided to add some guest blog commentaries from other parts of the country. I am happy to announce future blog posts from The Beer Thrillers -Central PA.

We’ve mutually decided to collaborate on guest posts on each other’s blogs. You’ll be seeing reviews of local beers and breweries out of Pennsylvania, as well as, news and commentaries on craft beer. I look forward to reading their take on the local craft beer scene and hope you do too. I’m always open to suggestions and comments as to what you would like to see more of at Let Us Drink Beer, so feel free to drop me a line – Contact Us.

Thanks for checking us out.

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  1. […] I would like to thank my contributors and co-authors on this blog for making this month (and all the time in general) go so well, and for providing so much help, fun and entertaining blog posts to read, and for helping so much with the blog! Thank you J. Doncevic, AJ Brechbiel (Default Brewing), and Let us Drink Beer Blog. My blog post for Let Us Drink Beer’s blog will go live tomorrow and I will provide a link here for that in the statistics edit I will do. In the meantime you can read their post about their upcoming additions to their blog here: Let Us Drink Beer: Exciting Additions Coming Soon! […]


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