Akademia Name of Words Double IPA

Beer Stats

Akademia Brewing Co. Name Of Words
  • BJCP Style: Double IPA
  • ABV: 8.2%
  • IBU: 23
  • Hops Variety: Idaho 7, Citra, Mosaic
  • Malts: n/a (Typically 2 row barley)
  • Brewery: Akademia Brewing Co.
  • City: Athens, GA
  • Aroma: Citrus, tropical fruit, and pine
  • Appearance: Slightly hazy, pale gold, fluffy white head with good retention
  • Flavor & Aftertaste: Citrus and tropical fruit flavors. Aggressive bitterness at a peak; but not long into aftertaste.
  • Palate: Light bodied. Low carbonation. Drying with a medium length finish.
  • Style Representation: Good

Double or Imperial IPA has become quite popular over the last couple of years. There is no strict definition of what a DIPA is; but what you can expect is an IPA style that delivers a massive hops punch with higher than average ABV. Akademia Brewing Co. Name of Words is a good example of the style.

Name of Words pours out a slightly hazy, pale gold color. It produces a frothy, white head with good retention characteristics. It’s not visually spectacular like a German or Czech Pilsner, but still inviting. Where it excels is in aroma and flavor. Akademia uses a potent trio of hops: Idaho 7, Citra and Mosaic. These three hops varieties deliver a massive hops punch of citrusy and tropical fruit aromas and flavors. Strong resinous pine aromas are also prominent. It is low to moderately sweet. Bitterness is quite aggressive at it’s peak; however, it is not mouth coating and long lingering like many of Stone Brewing IPAs, as a contrast. Palate carbonation is low and it has dry, moderate length finish.

Akademia Brewing Co., located in Athens, GA, is one of my favorite small brewpubs in Georgia. They have such a relaxing, laid back atmosphere and make some solid quality craft beers. For those that follow my blog, IPA style beers are not really my favorites; but Name of Words is a well executed DIPA. As far as locating their beers, for such a small brewery, Akademia has a nice distribution footprint. So, if you are in the Atlanta or Athens area, you should be able to pick up a 4 pack of 16 oz. cans locally. Total Wine, Jax in Cumming, Tower Beer, Wine & Spirits, Sprayberry Bottle Shop, and Max’s Bottle Shop John’s Creek are some great places to look.

Thanks for reading. Until next time…Let Us Drink Beer!

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