What’s With The Ice Man Pour?


Variety of Beer Properly Poured

Social media can birth some of the strangest trends. Take for instance the phenomenon of the Ice Man Pour, aka Boss Pour. This was brought to my attention during a short commentary by Tim Dennis on a recent podcast of Beer Guys Radio. While I’ve seen this many times, I did not know there was a term for it, nor that it was a “thing.” What is the Ice Man Pour you may ask? This is the “technique” of pouring a beer into a glass where the liquid reaches the brim of the glass and has no head. This, apparently, has become a huge thing on Instagram.  So how did this get started and what’s the problem with it?

Ice Man or Boss Poured Beer

According to a recent article on Vinepair.com, this trend got started on Instagram a couple of years ago.  The idea was it showed off hazy beers better and was more aesthetically pleasing in photographs.  Naturally, once the first Instagramers starting putting the #icemanpour hashtag out there, everyone else had to join in.

The problem with this is that it gives people new to beer the wrong impression of what a properly poured beer should look like. What does a properly poured beer look like? It should have a head of about 1 – 1 1/2 inches, depending on the style. There are practical reasons why a proper pour enhances your enjoyment of beer. The release of carbonation when pouring properly helps to prevent the bloated or full feeling in the stomach that occurs, for example, when you drink straight from a can or bottle. Another reason is the bubbles help preserve and release the many aromas trapped inside the beer. In other words, it enhances the drinking experience.

Proper vs Ice Man Pour

Needless to say, I’m not a big fan of the Ice Man Pour. I don’t agree that it makes a beer look more appealing in a photograph either. To me, there is nothing more appealing than a beer poured perfectly into the best glassware for the style.

It seems like a small thing; but as I’ve matured (for lack of a better term) in my beer drinking, I’ve come to realize how much more enjoyable my beer drinking moments are after I changed two things- 1) stopped overindulging and 2) started pouring my beer properly into a glass. How do execute a perfect pour? The following is a great video showing how to properly pour a beer.

Let’s get rid of the Ice Man Pour and stick with the Proper Pour. #bantheicemanpour #banthebossour #properpour

Thanks for reading. Until next time…Let Us Drink Beer! (poured properly)

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