Baltic Porter from Arches Brewing

Arches Five Week Sail

Arches Brewing will be releasing Five Week Sail on 12/28. This is a limited release Baltic Porter from the Hapeville, GA brewery. Only available in the tasting room. Too bad though, would love to see this one on the local Total Wine shelf. There are not enough locally brewed traditional Porters and Stouts available on the shelves in Atlanta at the moment. Here is the brewery description:

The Baltic porter, an enchanted style that originated in the Baltic States in the 18th century. This unique style combines the bold flavor of an English Porter and richness of a Russian Imperial Stout. It is the only porter that is a lager, as cold fermentation was necessary to preserve it during the long voyage across the Baltic Sea. This strong style boasts a roasty, caramel profile accompanied by mild chocolate undertones. It pairs very well with powerful meats, particularly game, and other hearty Nordic cuisines. ABV: 8.0%

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