Reformation 95 Munich Dunkel

Reformation 95
Reformation 95 Munich Dunkel


Beer Stats:

Packaging: 12 oz. can

BJCP Style: Munich Dunkel

ABV: 4.7%

Hops Variety: Unknown (typically Traditional German Type)

Malts Variety:  Unknown (Typically Munich and Pilsner Malt)

Brewery:  Reformation Brewery – Woodstock, GA

Beer Connoisseur Rating:  None

LUDB Notes:

  • Bitterness Level: None
  • Drinkability:
    • Would I purchase again? Yes
    • Would I stock it? No
  • Comments/Characteristics: Malt forward, not bitter.  Low end of ABV.  Smooth, creamy and drying.


I readily admit that I have a weakness for Lager, and in particular, dark, malty Lager.  I am always on the lookout for craft brewers who do a superior job of  producing quality Lagers.  It has always been difficult to find quality renditions of Munich Dunkel in the United States.  Recognizing there is a solid market for them, craft brewers are starting to produce more Lager styles.  Unfortunately, Dunkel is an area where as consumers we are seriously lacking options.  This is especially true when it comes to availability, as several of our local breweries here in the Atlanta area produce a seasonal Dunkel for their taprooms; but you can’t get your hands on it at a package store.  This is understandable because lighter Lagers and IPAs are the big movers and among the darker beers, Porter and Stout are the top sellers. That being said, as craft beer enthusiasts, we are missing out on a tasty Lager style that many places around the world enjoy much more readily.  I would submit that of all the beer styles out there, Vienna Lager and Dunkel are probably the most underrated and least appreciated of all in the United States.  So, I tip my cap to Reformation Brewery for taking the leap and producing 95 Munich Dunkel.

One common misconception about Dunkel, that I believe prevents many beer drinkers from trying it, is that these beers are dull, heavy beers.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  While these beers are more full bodied than their Pale Lager cousins, they are light enough to be enjoyed year round and are a nice change of pace from Pale Ale and Pale Lagers during the summer months.

First, if you are wondering where the name 95 comes from, it is to pay homage to the great Christian reformer Martin Luther and his 95 theses.  Luther had 95 problems; but thankfully, beer was not one! 95 Munich Dunkel pours a deep, dark brown color and produces a thick, fluffy tan head that exhibits good initial head retention; but dissipates fairly quickly.  Serving temperature is very important to this beer in order to bring out the more complex aromas and flavors.  You really don’t want to drink it too cold.  It exhibits toasty, bready aromas with a little toffee after it has warmed a little.  Flavors are big and malty, consisting of bread and toast.  A medium sweet malt backbone flows start to finish with no bitterness.  Mouth-feel is smooth, creamy with low carbonation culminating in a short dry finish.

Bottom line:  Reformation 95  is a solidly crafted Munich Dunkel.  If you like malty flavorful lagers; but prefer something on the lighter side, this Munich Dunkel is a great choice.  The low 4.7% ABV makes it quite sessionable for dark lager. Good effort by Reformation Brewery and I hope to see more craft brewers try their hand at this style.

Thank you for reading and until next time…Let Us Drink Beer!


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