Reformation Brewery Announces Future Relocation Plan

ReformationLogoReformation Brewery recently announced plans to relocate their main production facility to Canton, GA. The move is planned for 2019 and the new facility will also include their warehouse and the addition of a tap room and events space.

Canton is about 10 miles north of Woodstock, where the current production facility located.  I can’t wait to see the final product.  The location is next to an old restored mill on the Etowah River.  Reformation will be the anchor tenant in this mixed development.

I can really appreciate the trend lately, here in Georgia, of craft breweries taking old buildings and repurposing them.  Creature Comforts Brewing of Athens, GA recently did the same by moving its production to the old Southern Mill after extensive restoration.   These historic buildings have sat for years with no one willing to tackle the major renovations needed to repurpose them.  Kudos to Reformation Brewery and Creature Comforts Brewing for taking the time, money and effort to give these places new life.  I wish the city leaders of my area would take note and encourage businesses (a brewery would be even better!) find these old buildings and make great use of them, rather than let them sit and deteriorate.

Reformation Brewery Move

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