IPA Challenge – The Reveal No. 5

No. 5 Hoplanta by Atlanta Brewing Co.

No. 5 Hoplanta by Atlanta Brewing Co., Atlanta, GA

No, I didn’t mix up my IPAs. The label says Red Brick Brewing Co.; however, they have just rebranded back to their actual original name, Atlanta Brewing Co. and the former brand cans and labels are still rotating off store shelves.

New Atlanta Brewing Co. Branding

As we all know, a branding refresh can be a dicey business (i.e. New Coke/Old Coke); but I really think Indianapolis based CODO Design did a marvelous job. As a multi-generation Atlanta native (and a rare bird around here), I can immediately identify with what CODO describes as the part Atlanta sports/part aeronautical scrip “Atlanta” in the logo. The labels are easy to read, provide the pertinent information you are looking for, and clearly identify each individual product in the breweries’ lineup. A very successful rebrand in my opinion. For more interesting reading on the brand refresh – Rebranding Red Brick Brewing Co. But, enough on that, on to the review.

Coming in at No. 5 is Hoplanta, made by the oldest brewery in Georgia (established in 1993). This West Coast Style IPA pours a pale gold with a slight haze. It produces a nice fluffy white head with good retention. It checks in with a 6.8% ABV and a big 70 IBUs. Hops used are Eureka!, Centennial, and Calypso varieties, which give it aromas of citrus and fresh-cut Bermuda grass. You get the same citrus and herbal/grassy tastes in each sip and a surprisingly medium, almost restrained bitterness for a 70 IBU measurement. It is lightly carbonated throughout and finishes with a sharp bitterness that is short in the aftertaste and semi-dry.

Hoplanta is a well crafted IPA and I found it fascinating that they were able to pull off the medium bitterness in a 70 IBU beer without the long lingering, mouth coating bitterness compared to something like a Stone IPA with a similar IBU. The only reason I did not rank it higher got down to personal preference. I was not as fond of the grassy aroma and taste as others may would be. Otherwise, it is a very drinkable IPA well worth a try.

Do I recommend it? Yes

Next up, No. 4…

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