Limited Release: Creature Comforts Common Things

Creature Comforts Common Things
Photo Credit:  Creature Comforts Brewing Co.

With a nod toward collaboration and creativity, on August 25th Creature Comforts Brewing of Athens, GA, made available Common Things in a limited small batch release.  The brewery, which is only a few blocks from the University of Georgia campus, collaborated with UGA’s Honey Bee Lab (who knew there was such a thing) to produce their third beer made with honey.  The other two releases being Transmission (2016) and Booger Hill (2017).

The brewery describes the beer as a “mixed-culture saison made with honey from local bees”.   The beer features Styrian Golding and Cascade hops will be available only onsite at the brewery in 750ml bottles.  It checks in with a 6.2% ABV.  A link to the entire article by Julia Sanders of The Red & Black is below.

Creature Comforts Common Things article from The Red & Black



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