Jim Vorel of PASTE Interviews Arches Brewing on Lagers

Yes, Lagers can be a craft brew!  Finally, American craft brewers are waking up to the fact that there is a market for quality Lagers in the United States.  The large breweries in the U.S. gave Lager a bad name; but craft brewers have discovered that the beer drinking public is starved for quality Lagers as an alternative to Ales – in particular the proliferation of  IPA’s.  Jim Vorel of PASTE Magazine gives us a great interview with Arches Brewing of  Hapeville, GA’s co-founder Ryan Fogelgren and brewmaster Jamey Adams on the recent growth of craft brew Lagers and why they decided to focus their efforts in this segment of the market. This as an interview from back in April of this year; but still worth a read.  A link to the entire interview is below:

How Arches Brewing Made Craft Lagers The Centerpiece of Their Business by Jim Vorel of PASTE Magazine.

Arches Brewing

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