Just what the blogosphere needs, another beer blog, right? Well, mine is a little bit different.  The majority of beer blogs I’ve read are not only mostly craft brew oriented; but also focused on IPA’s.  The quest for the most bitter beer.  While I like a good IPA from time to time, I believe the bitterness race has gotten out of hand.  There are numerous great beers out there that don’t break the IBU scale.  That’s where my reviews and comments are going to be focused.

I don’t consider myself a beer snob, so not only are you going to find reviews for a variety of craft brews; but you will also find reviews for some of the popular mass produced beers.

This blog is simply about exploring different styles and discovering what you like…and don’t like.  Feel free to comment and, by all means, tell me what your favorites are and why you like them.  If I haven’t tried it already, I am sure to do so in the near future.  So, come along with me and enjoy “Beer, As It Should Be”.


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